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The dream of an Atlantic Schooners CFL team is alive and strong.

CFL’s “Touchdown Atlantic”, presented by the Atlantic Schooners, to return to the East Coast in 2019! Click here for more!

Atlantic Schooners Football Club
CFL Atlantic

Thanks for helping name Atlantic Canada’s future CFL team!

Since the launch of our season ticket drive and Name the Team contest in early November 2018, we’ve seen overwhelming support and engagement from fans. We have heard from individuals in Atlantic Canada and across the country.

The message is clear. The dream of an Atlantic Schooners CFL team is alive and strong. This name received the highest amount of votes in our contest.

The Atlantic Schooners name has a long standing history in our region. We’re pleased to continue the legacy Atlantic Schooners created in the 1980s as we move forward with this new CFL franchise.

Reserve your Atlantic Schooners CFL Seats Now

As an Atlantic Schooners supporter, you have the opportunity to become a founding fan by making your deposit for a season ticket membership today.

Deposits are $50 and place you on a priority list for a season ticket membership and seat selection on a first come, first served basis.


We want to hear from you.

We encourage you to engage with us and share your questions and thoughts. Your feedback and participation throughout this process will be invaluable.

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Helping to Shape the Community

The Atlantic Schooners are engaged members of the Atlantic Canadian business community. We’ve explored the financial benefits of a franchise and stadium in the region, and we’re eager to be a part of the momentum building on the East Coast.